ZIMBABWE-“They were instrumental to the success of the tournament,” LOC salutes fans

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the 2017 Council of Southern Africa Football Associations Women’s Championship has expressed great appreciation to the people in and around Bulawayo for fully supporting the tournament, making it a great success.

The 2017 COSAFA Women’s Championship held in Bulawayo was a resounding success, not only because all matches were staged successfully, but because supporters came in large numbers from the first day until the final match.

The first few matches of the tournament were watched by relatively fewer fans across both Luveve and Barbourfields stadia but all that quickly changed, largely because there was a lot of entertainment value offered by the ladies.

“Fans were a key component to the resounding success of this tournament, you could see that they had an influence on the level of competition witnessed, urging on several teams.

“When the Mighty Warriors were not in action, they adopted teams, just to make sure they maintained the electric environment.

“Most importantly, our supporters showed us that women football has the potential to draw huge crowds because it is surely entertaining and competitive.

“The tournament organisers are deeply grateful to all supporters who made it to the stadia, and all those who supported the team from elsewhere, in Zimbabwe and abroad.

“The sight at the stadia showed evryone that Zimbabwe is a good host, a place where football is the people’s sport,” LOC Chairperson and ZIFA vice president, Omega Sibanda stated.

On the opening day [13 September], 6500 people watched the three matches played at Barbourfields while the next matchday at Luveve recorded 3000 supporters.

By the time the Zimbabwe played Kenya in the semi-finals on 21 September, attendance had swelled to a massive 15000 spectators.

Zimbabwe’s appearance in the final versus South Africa proved to be fitting end to a great tournament, being watched by 23 500 supporters. The strong crowd urged the team on but it was not to be as a last-minute winner from South Africa meant the title would go across the Limpopo.

Full list of attendance statistics

Date Stadium Attendance Stage
13 September Barbourfields 6 500 Group
14 September Luveve 3 000 Group stage
15 September Barbourfields 6 800 Group stage
16 September Luveve 4 200 Group stage
17 September Barbourfields 2 200 Group stage
17 September Luveve 4 600 Group stage
18 September Barbourfields 3 400 Group stage
18 September Luveve 3 600 Group stage
21 September Barbourfields 15 000 Semi-final
23 September Barbourfields 1 600 3rd/4thplace play off
24 September Barbourfields 23 500 Final

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