OPINION-AWCON 2018,is Ghana Ready to Host?

By Yaw Abrefi


CAF president Ahmad Ahmad says ” Cameroon isn’t ready to welcome even four teams”. In case  you are wondering what he is talking about, he is talking about Cameroon as host of the 2019 African Cup of Nations. I burst of laughing at the wry humor in the president’s words,then I asked my self, how will Ahmad Ahmad described Ghana,the host of the 2018 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations ?

That,Ghana perhaps will conjure something out of thin air to the bewilderment of all women’s football loving nations is highly impropable,considering the fact that there is  absolutely nothing done  in  preparation  towards a competition of such a magnitude as AWCON. The airwaves in Ghana are as silent as the print media and there is nothing to show to the African continent that indeed the biggest Women’s footbal  competion  will be held in Ghana.

A week or so ago,Ghana’s men’s national team the Black Stars,drew against Congo in the 2017 world cup qualifier and as always,the whole nation was abuzz with news about this “epic fail” by the almighty Black Stars,the team whose expenditure per game can cater for all three women’s national teams for a whole year. I can bet my last peswa that had 5 minutes of the air time given to the Black Stars draw against Congo been alloted to Ghana hosting AWCON 2018,may be,just may be the women can heave a sigh of relief for a few crumbs of bread from the Black Stars table falling at their feet.

The amazing aspect of the “news blackout” about Ghana hosting AWCON 2018 is that,the women at the helm of affairs of women’s football in Ghana are doing very little to help mount pressure or show a sense of urgency in the need for the FA and sports ministry to  commence the preparation of the team,infrustructure and the like for AWCON 2018.

The women in high places in Ghana women’s football have failed the sport. They are more vocal with bags in hand ever ready to travel with the team, whenever players  have worked themselves to the bone  to qualify for major international competitions with no bonuses or incentives.

There has been a lot of changes in women’s football lately with many women’s taking charge of the affairs of women’s football in positions once held predominantly by men. However it is sad to say,that women are not doing enough to improve upon the current situation of their game.

Too much time is being wasted either in selfishness or incompetence on the part of the women who pride themselves in top positions of Ghana’s women’s football.  Ghana must seize the opportunity in hosting AWCON 2018 to showcase the wealth of talent she has in players so as to reverse her dwindling fortunes in women’s football. The slogan was “HOST AND WIN” when Ghana hosted the  African Cup of  Nations in 2008, they could not win as promised. Millions of tax payers cedis was poured into advertizements,infrustructure,logistics,etc yet the Black Stars failed to deliver the ultimate prize. Today,it is the turn of the women to HOST AND WIN.

Hosting and winning doesn’t happen on a fly. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Lenier Addy,Roselyn Amoh and all who have a say in women’s football in Ghana must redeem themselves-rise up,roll up their sleeves and get to work. Ghana women’s football is past the era of lip service. It is time to put up or shut up.A stitch in time saves nine!

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