Opinion: Eniola Aluko kicks against bullying, harassment and discrimination against her.

By  Adeola Kay

When the story first broke about England’s Women’s  team manager,Mark Sampson having told Eniola Aluko to make sure her family didn’t “bring Ebola with them” when coming to see a game at Wembley Stadium in 2014, according to Daniel Taylor of the Guardian,I thought it was a joke. “This is impossible” I muttered. We are talking about an England International player who has given her all to England’s Women’s football and played at the highest level with 102 international caps scoring 33 goals.Eniola Aluko is African- a proud Nigerian woman as such. A role model for young girls who don’t see color but strength,courage and grace on and off the football field. It is mind boggling how the ugly face of racism and bullying rears its head when there seems to be calm. It doesn’t matter whom you choose the play for or what flag you represent,your game precedes your gender,creed or race and derogatory comments with prejudicial conotations have no place in the beautiful game.For those who have no clue what this is all about click here for the whole story.

Eniola Aluko is an educated and respectable young woman who will not cook up a story or make such a serious accusation about a coach,and for the FA to pay her £80,000 at the conclusion of their inquiry yet finding no fault with the coach speaks volumes. Thanks for speaking up EA.

To all faceless and voiceless Eniola Alukos out there,you have a voice and a face in Eniola Aluko. You have the support of all your brothers and  sisters of color. Speak up,do not cower to the pressures of intimidation,bullying and prejudice. May the spirits of Nana Yaa Asantewa,Queen Amina and all of Africa’s warrior women strengthen you, as you stand as one in pursuit of equality,truth and justice. Who Runs The World ?  GIRLS!

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