As most countries frantically prepare for the qualifiers for the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup, and AWCON,Ghana’s U20 women’s team is yet to get their feet wet in preparation. So when the call came for 30  players to assemble for training camp at the Ghanaman Soccer Center of Excellence in Prampram,fans and players were excited only to have their hopes dashed due to “lack of funds”.

The players remain at home awaiting instructions from the sports ministry.  News gathered from a reliable source states that the head caterer at the Center of Excellence who was told to self finance services for the male U17 and Senior Team B who were in camp preparing for their respective international assignments, has not been paid and thus is demanding payment. She stated that the women’s national team will not be catered for in camp if the Sports Ministry does not make funds available for their up keep.

The Senior women’s national team were scheduled to head to camp but have been held back by the current cash situation. Ghana will be hosting the 2018 Women’s Cup of Nations and handlers of the national team are concerned about the financial problems creeping up on them.

The Ministry for Youth and Sports is yet to make funds ready for the women’s national team. The Ghana Football Association (GFA) is reluctant to foot the bill for the preparations of the national teams as it claims ‘it is always a tussle to have such monies refunded by the ministry.’

It is a shame for Ghana’s women’s national teams to be saddled with such a situation at a time when women’s football on the continent is experiencing a wind of change. If  $3 million can be flown to players of  Ghana’s senior men’s national team(the Black Stars) and the GFA officials  had their  share of the money  for doing nothing and got  rewarded for placing second at the Cup of nations ,why can’t funds be made available for the women’s national teams who are asking for nothing but respect,recognition and fair play ?

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