Meeting on the lawn of the National Technical Center before the training session on the eve of departure for Djibouti, coach Daniella Niyibimenya is optimistic about the victory for the return match of 5 August 2017 at the Gouled stadium.

AWF: Coach, you are preparing your team for the return match against  Djibouti. How are your preparations going?

Coach Daniella: Our preparation has been great, the girls are healthy. They are seriously involved in the training because we want to win the return match.

AWF: Has your victory over Djibouti (6 goals to 0) at home gotten into the heads of your players ?

Coach Daniella :Not at all, on the contrary it has pushed us to project very far to achieve our objectives which is to bring good results. That’s why we continued with our training sessions to correct some errors and improve ourselves more and more. We won’t slow down for the fact that we won the first leg.

AWF: Have you encountered any hiccups with your team?

Coach Daniella : Among the players who played in the first leg, there are two who will not feature because of the state examination that they have to sit . Charlotte who had scored the goal by a free-kick against Djibouti and Ladouce who moved to the left-back are the two who won’t play in the 2nd leg but we have made a few tweaks to the team.

AWF:What can you say the supporters of your team as they have so much expectations for this team?

Coach Daniella:We promise them victory. We must do everything to win to make our supporters proud. Since we have been well prepared to win, we will no doubt succeed.

AWF: What do they have to do to show you that support?

Coach Daniella:We would like them to keep in touch as they always do, that they continue to encourage us especially during this trip. Even if we are not geographically close to our supporters, their support is doing us so much good on the field.

AWF:Among the members of the staff, are there no problems to report?

Coach Daniella: Apart from the doctor of the national team who fell ill, the others are doing very well.

AWF: We wish you good luck for this return match.

Coach Daniella : Thank you…

As a reminder, here is the list of those who will leave for Djibouti:

1. Irakoze Jeannine

  1. Nzeyimana Adidja
  2. Manishimwe Evelyne
  3. Niyonkuru Sandrine
  4. Nahimana Falonne
  5. Suzanne Zilfa
  6. Nifasha Adélaïde
  7. Bukuru Rachel
  8. Kanyamuneza Erica
  9. Ndikubwayo Mariam
  10. Asha Djafari
  11. Ninanahazwe Evelyne
  12. Sibomana Allyah
  13. Kaneza Divine
  14. Girukwishaka Emmerence
  15. Ndizeye Noëlla-Olga
  16. Manisha Lina
  17. Hamissi Béatrice

Les membres du staff :

‘1. Niyibimenya Daniella : Coache principale

  1. Bahati Vivier : Coach adjoint
  2. Bipfubusa Méthode : Coach des gardiens
  3. Dr Munezero Annick : Médecin de la délégation.
  4. Gakunzi Elvis, Journaliste de la Radio nationale.

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