120hirondelles20fillesAs part of the qualifiers for the next U20 World Cup, the U20women’s national team of Burundi beat Djibouti in the first leg and is on course for the return leg expected in two weeks in Djibouti.

Significantly,Burundi imposed themselves against  Djibouti who were badly in need of inspiration though out the game. Burundi’s emphatic win ensure not only their passage in the next round, but also a place in the hearts of their fans who came in their numbers to cheer them on. “I’m delighted with the beauty of the game I just attended, so our girls were heroic this afternoon,” said a mother  who made the trip to the Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium delighted to experience this great performance of which participated her 18-year-old daughter.
From the start of the match, Burundi took control of the match. It wasn’t  long before they found the net in the 8th minute of the game  through a strike by Sandrine Niyonkuru,  of La Colombe FC. In the 11th minute of the game, Falone Kapinga of Fofila PF doubled the tally by scoring the second goal. The score will remain two goals to 0 until the end of the first period.

Returning from the break, the determination of the Burundi team was at its peak and In the 62nd minute, Falone Kapinga alone up front scored a third goal.The jubilant fans at the stadium played the  twelfth man cheering their team.This lively animation  paid off and following a good combination between Falonne, Suzanne and Asha Jaffari which saw Falonne add to her goal haul  in favor of the Swallows. She scored a hat trick.
In the 75th minute, thanks to the direct free kick taken by Charlotte Irankunda, Burundi were up with their 5th goal of the match. There will be a series of beautiful passes between teammates that  showed the top level of Burundian play with their  Djibouti opponents chasing their shadows. One minute to the end of the match, Asha Jaffari dribbles past two defenders before shooting the ball into the opponent’s net. Final score: 6 goals to 0. Crest fallen Djibouti have a difficult task ahead of them on their home turf.

by Bebe Djoubi

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