Malawi WNT regroup ahead of Tanzania friendly

women footballMalawi national women soccer team regrouped on Sunday afternoon and has since started training at Chiwembe technical center ground in readiness for Tanzania friendly on October 24.

The women national soccer team, Thom Mkolongo said, preparations has started on high note following the arrival of all players except Linda Kasenda who is expected to join her friends today.

“We have started our training on high note and we except Linda Kasenda to join us today and we hope everything will go on well up to the day of the game,” he said.

Mkolongo added that, the girls have no excuses as they have started camping amid end of women FAM cup.

“All 25 players has no excuses because they have been active in women FAM cup,” he said.

Malawi women soccer team will face off Tanzanian counterpart in a friendly match at Civo stadium in Lilongwe.

The team is being mentored by Thom Mkolongo and assisted by Maggie Chombo.

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